Project finance 2.0


brick-and-mortar revenue brought to you on blockchain

Mercantus is an innovative capital raising solution for revenue-generating ventures

The platform is engineered on Ethereum blockchain allowing to issue unique revenue-bearing tokens

 Brings to Producers and  Capital Providers enhanced trust, transparency and security

FOR PRODUCERS: the first blockchian universal and decentralized alternative capital financing solution beyond traditional debt and equity finance.

FOR CAPITAL PROVIDERS: ultimate transparency in revenue generation; ultimate precision in investment options.

I own / produce tradable resource
I (will) generate stable revenue stream


I look at my investment options
I need to generate stable passive income


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Maria Defilla, founder, Mercantus

05. MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER - Maria Defilla, Founder, mercantus SA


In the business environment dominated by COVID-19 restrictions, it becomes very risky for businesses to enter into traditional debt commitments. Equity financing is scarce to come by. We are sure that revenue-based financing is a very viable alternative in that scenario. Our Revenue-Based Tokens are a good alternative to debt and equity financing for resource producers and traditional businesses. They offer steady income streams to their holders: those streams are formed with a fixed share of income from ventures they finance. Revenue-based financing is more transparent from the business outcome point of view, and is entrepreneur-friendly too.  Ventures raise capital through a commitment to remunerate providers of capital from a fixed share of their future output, outlined in a revenue-sharing agreement. It is sometimes also called royalty. The principle of royalty token is based on the long-established practice of royalties in the domain of mineral resources. We believe that this kind of financing can extend far beyond the sector of mining and mineral resources. To be suitable for a revenue-based financing, project output must possess the following characteristics: 


• Homogenous product, tangible or intangible, with an applicable unit of measure (example MT, kg, m2, rent per month); or

it must already generate revenue

• Liquid market must exist for this product; 

• Some kind of quoted price references should exist for this product; 

• Such price references must have statistically significant past price dynamics 


• Oil, gas, metals and all other natural resources

• Agriculture 

• Real estate value chain from construction and rent

• Cryptocurrency mining  


WIDER INVESTOR BASE and more liquidity

Revenue-based financing of your project is a faster and easier capital raising method than traditional debt and equity financing. It attracts a different investor base to the mining and metals sector, it allows to quickly obtain liquidity for traditional businesses. It also may attract totally new classes of investors with wider geography and potentially more investments into your ventures. Revenue-bearing tokens allow for infinite fractioning of a revenue share which further drives liquidity. 

reduced administration costs and limited disclosure requirements
Due to the comprehensive marketing built-in tools and automated settlements on our blockchain platform, the costs to issue a project on Mercantus are typically much lower than a valuation excercise for equity financing. Currently tokenization offers limited disclosure requirements for capital raising. Transaction costs are typically much lower as well compared to traditional capital raising methods. Automated settlements eliminate record keeping costs.
Asset segregation for financing purposes
Revenue-based project financing can isolate economics of one asset or product, or of a separate project line via cryptographic design. It can create more attractive investment offerings through parceling of various assets to specified criteria: risk, geography, nature of product etc. It can help holders mitigate risks by separately financing certain assets with higher or lower degrees of risk. And ultimately, it can offer an innovative portfolio management based on revenue streams from precise projects rather than on some obscure accounting metrics of companies. We offer portfolio management features for revenue-bearing tokens and a P2P transactions board for already issued tokens.
platform environment 
We offer expertise and guidance from our platform on project listing, technical development, marketing. After the due diligence, your project is tokenized in accordance with Swiss regulations. As every project is unique, we offer a built-in on line simple option to customize your tokens and all smart contracts associated with it.  If more advanced customization is needed, we offer that too. We will help you  integrate needed regulations and investment contracts into the token

06. MESSAGE TO capital providers


enhanced liquidity of tokenIZED INVESTMENTS
A P2P secondary market place for already listed tokens allows investors to trade in and out of their positions fully or partially, buy tokens issued earlier and further optimize their portfolios. P2P secondary market place enhances token liquidity because of a wider investor base than traditional investors in the debt and equity finance. 
broader spectrum of investment options
As opposed to traditional capital raising methods, our tokens may apply to a particular asset, not to the whole company. A company can tokenize one particular mine or product line separately from its other assets for example.

Investor can buy similar tokenized assets from various companies - all of them being of similar desired nature. It allows token holders to capitalize on a specific asset type but mitigate individual company risks. Tokenized revenue streams offer a revolutionary portfolio management strategy based on greater transparency and more predictable returns. 

We offer an institutional-grade security storage option based in Switzerland, isolated from geopolitical and regulatory risks. Innovative architecture of our platform implies that at any time, the Investor can take full  control of his wallet on our platform. Our platform will have no authority over Investor's funds and have no safekeeping function, eliminating the risk of funds being rogue hijacking by the platform. Investors can use our storage solution for their other crypto assets as well - in addition to those issued on the platform. This solution from technical standpoint is a completely independent solution from this tokenization place.
due diligence on token listings 
All projects submitted for listing on our platform will go through stringent due diligence procedure. To  make sure  that the project is viable, the platform might independent experts from respective sectors and locations. 

Our listed tokens provide for continuous news-feed from project issuer, just like any traditional security issuer would. However, our updates might include some asset-specific data like drone footage or production metrics: all of this data can be fixed in the blockchain. 


Unique security features coupled with full legal and compliance backing for issued tokens

We offer institutional-grade security options that are safer and more flexible than cold storage. Storage offer is created in partnership with the leading Swiss provider in crypto storage solutions. We also provide for safe execution environment for your transactions with crypto assets. All equipment is physically located in Switzerland in a protected data center.


Our tokenization solutions are designed to last for many decades. We ensure regulatory compliance, contract management, transparency and full auditability at any time. We provide full disclosure for any project on our platform. Investor can examine every detail of token underlying revenue activities and estimate the degree of risk in their investment.


Every Issuer can design unique parameters for his token issuance through a simple and easy smart contract interface on Mercantus Platform. No knowledge of blockchain or coding is needed. 


Our security storage equipment is certified FIPS and CC, suitable for bank usage and for military usage. Security audit of smart contracts deployed on the platform is performed by one of the leading code auditors in the fintech space.


All platform users have an option to activate a "private mode" feature. This feature means that once in "private mode", your platform wallet only executes orders confirmed from your designated secure address which only you can reach. All of your assets this way completely segregated and protected from any third-party reach. A Mt Gox debacle would not be possible with our kind of setup.


Our compliance solution is a no-hassle one and has integrated ongoing screening always being up-to-date. Our flexible payment services instantly process 3 fiat currencies and are directly linked to credit cards. Regular Remuneration is instantly distributed to token holders by smart contracts. 

Tokenized investment is effectively the same as a regulated investment, wrapped in a digital token structure. Our tokens are digital assets that are structured to comply with applicable securities regulations. We have applied best practices in investment product structuring and in tax optimization, and have added all benefits of blockchain on top of that. 
We offer an option to white-label our solution:  in order to respond to specific market needs of our customers, we go full customization of the prototype to specific customer demands,: we also offer an end-to-end service bundle, inclusive of clients' technical support, custom blockchain deployment, full legal support, and building of marketing strategies.
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