enhanced liquidity of tokenIZED INVESTMENTS
A listed token issuance allows investors to trade in and out of their positions relatively easily. 

May offer a liquidity premium for investors and the opportunity to see gains more quickly. 

Enhanced token liquidity because of wider investor base than traditional investors in the mining and metals sector. 

broader spectrum of investment options
As opposed to traditional capital instruments, our tokens may apply to a particular asset, not to the company as a whole. A company can tokenize its mines separately for example.

Investor can buy tokens from different companies but of similar assets capitalizing on an asset type but mitigating individual company risks. It offers a revolutionary portfolio management strategy based on greater transparency. 

We offer an institutional-grade security storage option based in Switzerland, isolated from geopolitical and regulatory risks. Innovative architecture of our platform implies that at any time, the Investor can take full  control of his wallet on our platform. Our platform will have no authority over Investor's funds and have no safekeeping function, eliminating the risk of funds being hijacked by the platform. Investors can use this storage for all their assets - not only for those issued on the platform. This is a completely independent solution.
due diligence on token listings 
All projects submitted for listing on our platform, go through stringent due diligence procedure. To  make sure  that the project is viable, the platform engages independent experts from respective sectors and locations. 

Our listed tokens provide for continuous news-feed, just like any traditional security would. However, our updates include some asset-specific data like drone footage or production metrics: all of this data fixed in blockchain.